Closing of the GoEco! project

The project came to an end and the GoEco! and GoEco! Tracker apps, developed within it, are no longer available on the Android and iOS stores.

We are currently working on the analysis of the data we collected during the field experiment. For the time being, the first results of the project are available in the “Research project” section.

Enjoy the reading!

Third GoEco! Project Phase

The third round of GoEco! starts on March 13! As in the first phase, only GoEco! Tracker (together with Moves ®) is used. The full GoEco! app will be deactivated during this time. Please tell us, if you changed your place of living, if you have a new smartphone, or if for any reason you cannot see any routes in the app.

More information will be published in the newsletter for the third phase!


Here are GoEco! prizes

All participants to the second monitoring period will have the possibility to win one of the prizes raffled out by GoEco!

Members of the control goup will participate in the GoEco! Jackpot: every three days one of them will be randomly extracted. If she has validated all her routes until the day before, she wins and can choose between: a gift card at Migros/Coop/Manor, an SBB Rail check (for Ticino participants, useful for Arcobaleno tickets or season passes) or a donation to a charitable organization, for the value of 50 CHF. If she has not validated all her routes, she cannot access the prize and prizemoney increases for the next winner.

Once a month all participants will be invited to test their knowledge on sustainable mobility, with GoEco! Quizzes. Those who answer correctly and have also validated all their routes until the day of the quiz, will enter a drawing lot. The extracted participant can choose one of the following prizes, for the value of 100 CHF: a gift card at Migros/Coop/Manor, an SBB Rail check (for Ticino participants, useful for Arcobaleno tickets or season passes) or a donation to a charitable organization, for the value of 100 CHF.

All the participants who have validated all their routes until the end of the monitoring period will access the Final GoEco! Lottery. Two winners will be extracted, who will choose between the following prizes: a Fairphone 2, an iPad Air 2, a Brompton folding bicycle, a Via-Verde holiday ticket or an SBB Rail-Away short holiday.

Arcobaleno supports GoEco! for Ticino, offering 1’000 CHF in Rail-Checks for Arcobaleno tickets or season tickets.

Be an active player also during the second monitoring period and win the prizes raffled out by GoEco!

Brompton folding bikes, a new GoEco! partner

Many cyclists who use a Brompton bicycle claim to have found a friend for a life!
Brompton has an elegant design with compact folding dimensions and a great guide who accompanies you wherever you go.
Did you know that there are millions of possible configuration possibilities to design your Brompton?
Check out the Brompton bike builder!
Brompton: Made for Cities, Made for you, Made in London

GoEco! made an agreement with Brompton!

All participants from the second monitoring period will be able to rent a Brompton folding bike for one or more weeks against a small fee: get involved in the “Folding bike and public transport” challenge and find out yourself how much freedom a folding bike can give you!

Brompton folding bicycle for a clever commuting.
Those who try a Brompton, will find a friend forever!

Visit the website or Facebook pages of Brompton Switzerland and Brompton Ticino!

The second GoEco! monitoring period is about to start!

All project participants who have collected at least four weeks of data (the active GoEco! users) will take part in the second monitoring period. A group will continue using the GoEco! Tracker App; another group will use the full GoEco! App. The attribution to the two groups will be random, by drawing lots.
If you’re among the active GoEco! users, stay with us for also this second part of the experiment, which is definitely challenging: we have in fact organized several activities and there will also be prizes for all active participants.

The second monitoring period begins with many new activities. Have you already saved the date?