For the participants

On October, 17 GoEco! restarts with the second monitoring period and with the game-like activities aimed at stimulating changes in your present mobility style. There will also be interesting prizes for all active participants.

Participants to the first monitoring period who have collected at least four weeks of data (the active GoEco! users) will enter the second monitoring period. They will be divided in two groups, by random selection. One group will continue using the GoEco! Tracker app; the other group will use the full version of the GoEco! app. As in the first monitoring period, both groups will also need the Moves® app.
As an active participant, you received an e-mail communication indicating which group you were attributed to.

Guide to the second monitoring period 

New! video (you can find the videos in the Italian and German versions of the “For the participants” section):
– The brief description of the GoEco! app
– The new GoEco! app in details
– The second GoEco! monitoring period and the prizes

Power Point presentations:
Introduction to the second GoEco! monitoring period
– How to register and use the GoEco! app
Short GoEco! tutorial (also directly available from the App, in the settings section)
GoEco! in five steps – What you need to start with
How to register in and use the GoEco! Tracker app
How to perform validation of the routes in the GoEco! Tracker app

Links to download the apps:
Android – Play Store
GoEco! Tracker:

iOS – App Store
GoEco! Tracker:!-tracker/id1072136177?mt=8

User guides
GoEco Tracker! and Moves® User guide
GoEco! Tutorial

GoEco! activities and prizes

GoEco! Jackpot- for the members of the control group

Every three days a participant is randomly extracted. If she has validated all her routes until the day before, she wins a prize. Otherwise, prizemoney increases for the next winner.
Winners can choose between:
– a 50 CHF gift card at Migros/Coop/Manor;
– a 50 CHF Rail-check (for Ticino participants, useful for Arcobaleno tickets or season passes);
– a 50 CHF donation to a charitable organization.

GoEco! Quiz – for all the participants

Once a month all participants will be invited to test their knowledge on sustainable mobility, with GoEco! Quizzes. Those who answer correctly and have also validated all their routes until the day of the quiz, will enter a drawing lot. The extracted participant can choose one of the following prizes:
– a 100 CHF gift card at Migros/Coop/Manor;
– a 100 CHF Rail-check (for Ticino participants, useful for Arcobaleno tickets or season passes);
– a 100 CHF donation to a charitable organization.

Arcobaleno supports GoEco! for Ticino, offering 1’000 CHF in Rail-Checks for Arcobaleno tickets or season tickets.

Final GoEco! Lottery – for all the participants

Participants who have validated all they routes until the end of the second monitoring period will enter a random extraction. Two of them will win one of the following important prizes:
– a Fairphone 2,
– an iPad Air 2,
– a Brompton folding bicycle,
– a Via-Verde holiday ticket,
– an SBB Rail-Away short holiday ticket.

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