This section includes the list of questions we prepared to support interested citizens in deciding whether to participate in field trial. Now that the trial has concluded, we decided to entirely keep this section in order to document the prepared material.

General questions

1. I find the project interesting. What am I supposed to do if I decide to participate in GoEco!

By participating in GoEco! you will take part in a research project in which we will track your movements for a total of five months.

More precisely, by participating in the project, you will be involved in three separate tracking periods over a period of one year: from Spring 2016 to Spring 2017.   

During the first period (February and March 2016), we are going to track your current mobility patterns. For one month you will use the Moves® and GoEco! Tracker smartphone applications, that will automatically track your movements (using GPS). During this period, we will only ask you to daily validate the data tracked by the apps.

During the second tracking period (September-November 2016), participants will randomly be divided into two groups. Group A will again be tracked by Moves® and an advanced version of the GoEco! app. Users will again be be asked to daily validate the tracked data and to interact with the app’s additional features. Group B will use the same apps of the previous period (tracking only) and will again be asked to validate the tracked data on a daily basis.

During the third period (March 2017), your trips will be tracked once again for a month. You will use the Moves® and GoEco! Tracker apps and you will be asked to validate the tracked data on a daily basis.

In addition, some participants will be invited to participate in focus groups and interviews.

2. How will my personal data be treated? 

We guarantee that your data will be treated confidentially and used only for research purposes.

In order to protect your privacy, you will have the opportunity to participate by using a nickname only. Should you prefer not to show some of your trips, you will simply temporarily disable the app and reactivate it later on. Finally, no data regarding specific participants will be published, unless anonymously. If you decide to participate in GoEco!, when you will download the app you will have the chance to accept an agreement regulating the privacy aspects.

3. Will other GoEco! participants see my personal data? 

In the second tracking period, if you are assigned to group A (see question no. 1 above), you will experience various dynamics of social interaction. The other participants to the GoEco! Living Lab will see your overall performances, that is, if and how much you managed to change your mobility patterns.

Actually, one of the goals of GoEco! is to encourage participants to change their mobility patterns by means of social comparison elements. Therefore it is necessary that every participant can access information about the other participants’ performances.  However, nobody will be able to see your exact movements. GoEco! will only show your overall performances, in terms of the level of change you achieved in your mobility patterns.

4. Can I go on holiday or shall I stay at home during the whole duration of the project?
You are free to do whatever you want. However, in case you are planning long holidays for Spring (March) or Autumn 2016 (September – November) and for Spring 2017 (March), probably you are not the right candidate for GoEco!.

5. Does taking part in GoEco! cost me anything?
No, participating in GoEco! is free! Even better, you will be able to save money – while still satisfying your mobility needs – and you will be able to improve your environmental awareness, by exploring more sustainable mobility alternatives.
In addition, you will take part in prize draws both during and at the conclusion of the project.

6. I do not have a car and I always move by bicycle or by public transport. Could I get any advantage by participating in GoEco!?
Probably yes, but our “ideal” participants for GoEco!  are  people who want to reduce their car usage, but haven’t yet managed to do it.

7. I live very far from the city centre and I have limited possibilities to move without my car. Does it make sense for me to participate in GoEco!?
Probably yes, since GoEco! can help you to become aware of alternatives that are maybe available to you. However, our ideal target are people living in urban or suburban areas and not people living in rural areas.

8. How can I find out to which group I belong to in the second monitoring period, so which app do I have to use? 

All participants who have collected at least four weeks of data during the first monitoring period (the active GoEco! users) will take part to the second monitoring period. The will be divided in two groups. A group will continue using the GoEco! Tracker app, while the other group will use the full GoEco! app. The attribution to the groups will be random, by drawing lots and all participants will be informed via e-mail about their attribution to one group or the other. They will also receive indications on project activities and instructions on how to download the proper app.

Terms and conditions

9. Which are the requirements to participate in GoEco!?

There are only a few admission requirements. You need to:

  • live either in Canton Ticino or in the City of Zürich and its suburbs;
  • own a driving license and to have access to a car (you don’t need to own one yourself but you should have easy access to a car whenever you need to; for example, the car of your parents or a Mobility Car-Sharing subscription).

Moreover it is necessary to own a smartphone (iOS or Android) and to have access to an Internet connection at least once a day (mobile Internet or Wi-Fi connection), which is required by the GoEco! and Moves® apps.

10. I would like to participate in GoEco!, but in late 2016 I will move out of Ticino for job reasons. Can I participate in half of the GoEco! activities? 
If you know you are changing your home or workplace until Spring 2017, we ask you to please not sign up for GoEco!. We need to track the movements of all participants during the whole project period in order to compare the three monitoring phases mentioned above.


11. How does the application process work?

If you are interested in participating, we simply ask you to fill in the application form available online.

By the end of February 2016 all the applications will be examined.

In February 2016, once the potential candidates are selected, they will be invited to a meeting (either in person or as an Internet “webinar”). They will be provided with detailed information about GoEco!, so that they can definitely decide whether to participate or not.

12. When will I get to know if I am selected to participate in GoEco!?
By the end of February 2016, we are planning to contact everyone who signed up for GoEco! and let them know whether they are eligible or not.

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