End of the First Phase of GoEco!, Article in the Energy Science Center Spotlight

On the last Sunday, April 24 2016, the first phase of GoEco! officially ended. Hereby, we would like to thank all the study participants again! For all the route validations, for the immense and good feedback we received, and for the general interest in the topic and the study. During the next months, we will be preparing everything for the second phase in Fall, and assemble the detailed individual mobility reports for study participants.

At the same time as the end of the first phase, an article about GoEco! was published in the weekly spotlight on energy research of the ETH Zurich Energy Science Center.


GoEco! started with two webinars

Yesterday and today we carried out two webinar meetings: Francesca presented the project and the use of the GoEco! Tracker app and the participants could ask their questions “live”.
“Live” within quotation marks, since we are in GoEco!: the participants didn’t have to move to meet Francesca and they could follow us directly from home!

If you lost the webinars, here you can watch the video of yesterday’s meeting (in Italian):

We are ready!

The GoEco! Tracker app is now downloadable from the stores and the first GoEco! tracking period will start next Monday March, 7 2016.
You can download and install the app following the instructions on the “Get the app” section. For all the members of the GoEco! community we have prepared some videos introducing the project and the activities we will perform and giving instructions on how to effectively use the app. You can find them in the “For the participants” section (only available in Italian and in German): watch them and send us your feedback on the app!
If you still want to sign in or to invite family and friends to participate, hurry up! We’ll accept applications until March, 7 2016.